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Our Webinars

Join our discussions with top thought leaders from industry and academia.

Futre of Work LX Consortium

Stellar panel reveals trends and insights that will shape the future of work and how we educate students and employees  to help them succeed in that future.  

Educating Gen Z LX Consortium

A discussion from industry and academic experts on how to educate and develop Gen Z - and all those who work with them.  

University of Illinois Gies Talks Scaling Experiential

How do you scale experiential learning? And how to you gain momentum and buy-in from your stakeholders? Lessons learned from the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois.

Integrating Experiential Learning into the Core Curriculum

How do you grow your experiential learning program to the point of integrating into the core curriculum? Lessons learned from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

Developing Students into Professionals

Dr. Jim Spohrer, IBM’s Global Director for University Programs and Dr. Philip Gardner from Michigan State discuss how universities are using project-based learning to develop students into “T shaped” professionals.

University of Vermont Engineering Capstone Best Practices

Dustin Rand and John Lens share tools and processes to implement engineering-based industry projects in a small metro area (Burlington, Vermont).

Michellana Jester Spotlighting MIT Sloan Action Learning

How has MIT implemented Action Learning into its program? Michellana discusses faculty and student engagement and managing the complexity of international labs.

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