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Why LX?

The success and value of higher education will depend on how well we implement experiential learning .

Who we are:

The LX Consortium is a group of universities and companies interested in making education more real-world, more hands-on and more relevant in order to help students succeed after graduation. We do that by helping our member organizations create and grow project-based learning (PBL) programs and integrate them into the design of their educational offerings.  

Our mission:

Our mission is to help re-design education by making experience the common thread that connects and enhances all aspects of the student’s journey. Experience drives curiosity which leads to exploration and deeper learning. Experience helps make sense of disparate subjects and theories. Experience leads to knowledge and skills that students need to succeed.

Our focus:

While all forms of experiential learning are valuable – everything from an internship to academic research to a part-time job – we focus specifically on project-based learning, usually with an external client or sponsor organization. This includes PBL in undergraduate, graduate, online and professional education programs. 


Why focus on project-based learning?  Based on our own experience, PBL has the potential to impact the design of the curriculum (and therefore the student experience) more than any other form of experiential learning. Not only is it life-changing for students, we believe PBL is a key centerpiece of a university’s value proposition. In addition, we believe we will add more value to our members through a focused approach than by trying to be all things to all people.  

What we do:

  • Ongoing webinar series featuring experts and thought leaders in experiential and project-based learning, education innovation and talent development

  • Annual summit at one of our member locations

  • Access to webinars, frameworks, resources, templates, guides, and tools

How is the LX Consortium different from other experiential learning associations?

  • We focus exclusively on project-based learning

  • We involve corporations – the employer perspective – as an integral part of our group

  • We are open to universities of all kinds, sizes and locations

  • We see PBL as a means to redesign the overall curriculum, not as an isolated class or program

Who should join the LX Consortium:


  • Deans, Associate Deans and Degree Program Directors involved in education innovation

  • Directors, managers and faculty of project-based experiential learning programs


  • Directors and Professionals involved in talent acquisition and recruiting

  • Directors and leaders who manage university relationships 

  • Directors of learning & development 

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